We are a family of three, passionate about travel and service, seeking out new experiences, meeting new people, and living simply.

The Process of De-owning a Home and A Very Important Life Lesson

    Photo Source:  Becoming Minimalist   By this time last year, I was back in Houston, Texas, in preparation of selling our town-home in Midtown Houston.  It has been a rental house since we left in July 2010.  Our house needed some major repairs and only one of us could return to oversee both the repairs and the sale… Read more →


Family Fun Foto: Tea Time in Burma

    Through our travels and lifestyle we have learned the value of drinking tea.  One of the them is for social reasons. I am writing this post while we are in Taiwan which will become our home in 2015.  Traditionally in Taiwan, when a  visitor arrives to a home,  the host  offers tea and snacks.  This long-lasting tradition is… Read more →


Six Years Later

It’s been six interesting years since we arrived in Asia for the very first time (specifically Taiwan in 2008) as a family of three. (As a couple we came to Asia in 1999, specifically Taiwan, the year before we got married). Five years ago, on 4th July we began recording our journey in a blog here at GotPassport.org while we… Read more →