Yummy Grass Jelly or Chao Kuai

Have you ever tried it!?  I like the kind you can find at the Sunday night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Once again very simple ingredients make such cool and refreshing dessert while walking along in the market.

Grass Jelly is made from a type of mint leaves and stalks.  You can read more about how it is made here.

Clearly scooping Grass Jelly is an ART!

Let me tell you,  that’s one ” large-kick-arse-bucket” of grass jelly I’ve ever seen.  I think it is pretty cool that they are able to make jelly in a bucket that large and keep its form.

As usual, I smiled and pointed.  Got myself a few spoonful of grass jelly on ice, topped off with brown sugar.  The jelly itself has a very mild flavor although I love the texture of the jelly.  Combined that with ice and brown sugar, it is really a very tasty dessert for about 10B (Sip Bahts).

Try it at least once while you’re in Thailand.

Cheers from Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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  1. March 1, 2010 at 13:07

    OH.. My favorite dessert on a hot day.

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