Yipee: Our Texas Home Has Tenants

Believe it or not, this has been one of the big sources of stress we’ve had since returning to Texas this year.  We came back early in April than the original planned date in June, due to family illness.  It turned out to be a stressor because the tenants had us believing that they were staying another year, then they told us they were not, and now we’re back to “yes, we want another year!”   Some very poor planning on their part, but we did what we needed to do.  We put the house on the market for lease, gave the tenants a move-out date for July and waited.

In the end, it worked out in both of our best interests and they are now staying longer (at least 9 months, hopefully 12!).

I’m so happy we don’t have a house full of stuff we own!  We have only boxes and suitcases to our name (and the house, of course).  This is a great relief because LESS IS DEFINITELY MORE!

I can now sleep easier and perhaps even plan a quick get-a-way to Mexico, before going back to Thailand at the end of July!

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