Family Foto Fun – “Angry Birds”

Going to Memorial City Mall is one of M’s favorite activities in Houston.  It may have something to do with the ‘milky-way play castle’ and the ice skating rink.  In addition to these, “Build-a-Bear” is conveniently placed only steps away from the playground.  If you cherish your financial bottom line, try to avoid B-a-B… You’ve been forewarned…

While exploring in Build-a-Bear we found these little guys, who seemed a bit out of place….

Ummmm.. yeah, that’s M trying out the mean-face like Mr.  Angry Bird!  :-)


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Family Foto Fun – “Angry Birds” — 4 Comments

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  4. Love the photo! My son downloaded that game to my phone and it seems like everyone plays that game. They do seem a little out of place in a Build-a-bear store though. I think M wins the mean face contest.

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